Our Concept

The very exciting world of agricultural trading consists of finding the agents with the goods in the country of origin, having them deliver the goods to a port, assembling these streams into shipping loads, delivering them to a destination and finding the buyers for the load. Each of these steps can have several intermediaries. 

We go deeper. We are the agents who find the goods at the origin. Our state-of-art facilities in Altai Region in Siberia gather the goods from the local farmers, process them and assemble the ready parties at the origin. We take care of the transport and deliver the goods to our buyers. We trade small but from the source to the buyer. We know and guarantee our processes, our goods and our quality  When we promise we deliver.

In metal trade, we work with world's biggest companies in several countries to avoid political risk and diversify.

Also, our risk management is cheaper as we only work with a small number of proved clients and ourselves conduct regular field inspections. This is especially important in metal trade with large orders and big turnover. We always certify 100% creditability of our clients.