Our Facilities


In the agricultural business, we collaborate with a company that was created during the years 2007-2008. This company has over 50'000 hectares under cultivation, the majority of these in ownership. It also has own machinery and  the technological staff. The produce ranges from wheat and buckwheat to oilseeds (rapeseed, sunflowerseed and linseed) all grown in commercial volumes. The production volumes have varied between 80'000-100'000 ton. All purification, storage and shipping are done internally 

Elevators and silos
We collaborate with a company with storage facilities, which are unique in the region and very modern, hence they are always full and concentrate a bulk of production in one of Russia's largest agricultural regions. By buying of the production of smaller firms it is possible to secure own contracts and double the volumes fro trade if economically viable.
We work with four silos all in ownership of a single company and several local trading companies.


We work with one of the biggest processing centers in Siberia, which imports metal coils and processes them for the end customer. The facility has been very successfully in operation for over 15 years with an established distribution chain and customer profile. We treasure this partnership and pride ourselves in a reliable service for this client.